VENTI Boat Charter is a brand owned and operated by Clubbing Portofino SRLS. The use of the brand, images, logos and any other aspect of VENTI Boat Charter, is under full control and responsibility of Clubbing Portofino SRLS.


  • Personal information, data and details of each booking is collected and used exclusively for legal procedures related to the activity of boat rental and charter.
  • Details provided through the booking form (ie. boat, day, time, n° of guests…) cannot be changed, unless approved by a member of staff and a formal amendment of the booking.
  • VENTI Boat Charter reserves the right to cancel a booking on the day of the rental or charter given circumstances which could jeopardise the safety of the guests, of the environment or other parties.
  • Bookings created, accepted and payed will be completely refunded if cancelled 30 days prior to the rent/charter date.
  • Bookings cancelled 168 Hours (7 days) prior to the rent/charter date will be eligible to a 70% refund of the rental/charter fee*.
  • Bookings cancelled less than 168 Hours (7 days) prior to the rent/charter date will not be refunded.
  • The same cancellation policies apply to bookings created, accepted and payed less than 168 Hours (7 days) prior to the rent/charter date.


  • The renter (client) is fully responsible of the boat and its conduction.
  • Conduction of the boat must adhere to the local regulations as well as the technical characteristics of the boat. The conduction of the boat is exclusively allowed to the renter (client).
  • The renter (client) confirms to have read and fully understood the regulations, norms, safety guidelines and instructions which have been given before departure and has viewed and understood the documents related.
  • Boats rented or chartered are under the jurisdiction of the Coast Guard Office of Santa Margherita Ligure, hence are allowed navigation between Sestri Levante and Camogli. The renter (client) will be responsible of navigation within these limits, including the respect of norms regulating Marine Reserves, Ports and Areas under Control.
  • The renter (client) accept to be fully responsible of the people on board, and any damage they may cause during the rant/charter period.
  • The renter (client) understands and accepts the limits on time, space and n° of people embarked, and will be held responsible for any misconduct.
  • The renter (client) must present the boat, including its accessories (safety gear, documents and insurance l. 24/12/1969, n.990) in perfect conditions of shape and efficiency.
  • Damage or loss of any component of the rented boat, including its accessories, will be charged to the renter (client), who will have to compensate the damage created.
  •  VENTI Boat Charter is required to hold a €500,00 security deposit. In case the damage created is superior to the amount, teh renter (client) will have to pay the difference at the time of the check-out.
  • For any legal matter risen form the charter agreement, the Court of Genoa is responsible for dealing with such matters.
  • If not specified in the above Terms and Conditions, art. 42 and 26 of DLT 18/07/2005, n.171 apply.
  • Minimum charges for damage and loss are specified in the table attached to each charter agreement, by accepting the charter agreement, the renter (client) also accepts the above mentioned charges.
  • Late checkout is a breach of the charter agreement and is sanctioned proportionally to the cost of the charter.


  • Refunds are not possible in any case.
  • The renter (client) is responsible, at the time of booking, to check weather forecasts and sea conditions for the date of the rent/charter.
  • In case the renter (client) is forbidden the booked boat, due to extreme weather conditions**, the renter is eligible to a 50% refund or the postponing of the rent/date to a due date***.
  • In case the renter (client) decides to conclude their rent before the formal conclusion of their contract, no refund will be issued.

* By booking fee is meant: the price of the boat rent only and excludes and ports, skipper or extra fees.

** Extreme weather conditions include all conditions which require alert by the Local Coast Guard, hence forbidden the operations of rental and charter. Yellow, Orange and Red Alerts all fit in this category. If no alert is announced, conditions will be at the discretion of the renter (client) and no refund will be possible.

*** The change of a rent date due to weather conditions is subject to availability and sur-charges.

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